Коллекция: <tc>Малыш Потребности</tc>

Тщательно подобранная коллекция товаров для детей, которые удовлетворят ваши потребности в уходе за ребенком, уходе за ним и безопасности вашего малыша.Запаситесь предметами первой необходимости для новорожденных во время еды и купания, включая детские бутылочки, портативные подогреватели для бутылочек, нагрудники, столовую посуду, полотенца и купальные халаты.Откройте для себя полезные детские принадлежности и хитрости для родителей, в том числе эргономичные детские переноски, дорожные кроватки, сумки для подгузников и коврики для пеленания, которые сделают вашу жизнь проще, когда вы находитесь вне дома.


At TheToddly, shopping for your newborn baby products is a lot of fun. Shop the maternity essentials you will need in your life for the next 9 months. So stock up on maternity safety belts, pregnancy car seat belts, belly support bands, pain relieving pregnancy pillows, and anti-nausea wrist bands to the latest fashion essentials for moms-to-be, including stylish and comfortable maternity clothes designed for all three trimesters and post-pregnancy nursing tops.

You will find many useful baby items to choose from in our newborn baby essentials collection. Discover a range of products for nursing and feeding ranging from manual or electronic breast pumps, nursing bras, silicone breast pads for breastfeeding, and nursing pillows to anti-colic baby bottles, smart bottle warmers, and steam and UV bottle sterilizers for brewing baby milk easily and quickly. We bring unique and amazing feeding products for 6 months old babies to easily feed them with semi-solid foods, including spoon bottles for purees and mesh pacifiers to relish fresh fruits and vegetables. TheToddly also brings mess-free wood and silicone tableware for toddlers, including suction dinner plates with forks and spoons for kids, spill-free snack bowls, sippy cups & bottles for kids, and silicone bibs with a pocket to protect your baby's clothes from food spills. 

Are you a new mom or a new dad? Check out our parents' hacks collection, stocked with must-have baby care and safety products that are life savers for new parents. Get a range of items from bed bumpers & liners, diaper changing mats, and baby bath essentials to cozy swaddling wraps, comfortable baby sleeping bags, baby bedding sets and safety knee pads for crawling and walking babies. And also, get baby hygiene products from portable mini UV sterilizers to disinfect baby pacifiers and teethers, soft toothbrushes for toddlers and medical thermometers for kids to baby grooming kits and nasal aspirators. If you are out with a baby for shopping or on a holiday tour, we have got you covered with our must-have selection of baby travel items when you are out and about. This includes lightweight sling or backpack baby carriers, portable baby cribs, diaper bags, food storage containers and portable bottle warmers, plus baby activity toys for playtime.

TheToddly's selection of baby products is what every new mom needs and are perfect for baby shower gifts. Our baby products are made with safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials, including food-grade BPA-free & BPS-free silicone, plastic, natural wood, organic cotton and other sustainable fibers. They are entirely safe for babies and offer some of the most effective baby solutions around.

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