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Smart Baby Bottle with USB Bottle Warmer for Instant Baby Milk

Smart Baby Bottle with USB Bottle Warmer for Instant Baby Milk

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Smart Baby Bottle with USB Bottle Warmer for Instant Baby Milk

Prepare fresh milk for your baby in just 5 seconds!

Smart Baby Bottle with a bottle warmer enables you to make fresh milk instantly at the right temperature. The bottle has a waterproof compartment for formula milk. The baby bottle warmer warms the water in the bottle and makes it more convenient for outdoor, midnight, or on-the-go feeding by maintaining a constant temperature. Intelligently crafted baby milk bottle to provide comfort to you and your baby!

Solves Six Major Problems

Preparing milk takes a long time, and infants cannot wait when they are hungry. The Smart Baby Bottle is a solution to six big problems that every new mother face:

  • Midnight crying
  • Affected sleep
  • Messing with milk powder
  • Boiling the water
  • Controlling the water temperature & skin temperature test
  • Worrying about warm water when traveling or shopping

You can buy the baby bottle without warmer here.


Instant Fresh Milk: Brew fresh milk for your baby in just 5 seconds. The bottle's quick flush system will release powder milk into the water section of the bottle. Just press the top and mix!

Mix Whenever You Need: The baby bottle has a waterproof milk powder compartment with sealed bottom for storage of formula milk. Mix the milk powder whenever you need it, which allows formula milk to last longer.

Retains Vital Nutrients: Other bottle warmers warm the mixed milk and burn vital nutrients. However, Smart Baby Bottle Warmer warms the water, not the mixed milk. This way, milk powder can stay longer than 24 hrs in the bottle.

Prepares Milk at the Right Temperature: Its smart thermostat maintains constant temperature of the water to the temperature you set with the controller 36–48 °C. You can always give milk to your baby at just the right temperature!

Stress-free Travels: The USB-powered bottle warmer is a perfectly portable baby bottle warmer that makes your travels stress-free and comfortable. Plug it anywhere at home. Connect it with a power bank and jet around the town, or connect it with a car's USB interface when traveling.

Anti-colic Design: The stirrer in the bottle prevents air bubbles in the milk and saves your baby from the painful experience of bloating and flatulence.

Petal-Textured Pacifier: A specially designed petal pacifier imitates the shape and surface texture of the breast. The head of the pacifier effectively removes tongue coating and a single air inlet to prevent flatulence.

Leak-proof & Durable: The baby bottle is strictly leak-proof, durable, and resistant to degradation.

Safe Material: High-quality and clear-scale baby bottle with a food-grade silicone nipple. The infant baby bottle is made of glass/PPSU/Tritan material. All these materials are BPA/BPS-free and safe for the baby.

Best Investment: With a Smart baby bottle, you do not need to buy fancy equipment and appliances separately like a bottle warmer, constant temperature kettle or milk powder box. Smart baby bottle is a smart investment at less than one-third of the price to meet a mom's needs. 

Easy to Clean: The bottle is safe to clean in dishwasher, microwave and steam sterilizers.


Material: Glass/PPSU/Tritan
150ml/180ml (0-2 months)
240ml (3-6 months)
300ml (6+ months)

Package includes: 
1 x Baby bottle
1 x USB bottle warmer
1 x Controller

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