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Anti Nausea Bracelet Band

Anti Nausea Bracelet Band

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Anti-Nausea Bracelet Band for Pregnancy & Travel Sickness - 2 pcs

Enjoy your journey or pregnancy by relieving nausea with these nausea relief wristbands. Easy to wear, soft cotton anti-nausea wristbands provides relief from nausea and motion sickness using acupressure. An inexpensive, reusable, and drug-free solution that is safe and effective in alleviating nausea in kids and adults. Quick and effective way to get rid of nausea from anxiety, pregnancy, seasickness, and carsickness.


Relieves Motion and Travel Sickness: These acupressure wristbands are clinically proven to alleviate nausea, motion sickness and morning sickness.

No Drugs, No Side Effects: Anti nausea wristband works immediately and can be worn whenever you feel nauseous. A natural, reusable & drug-free remedy with no side effects.

Effective in Pregnancy: The first trimester of pregnancy might be a wild ride of nausea and motion sickness, even if you don't leave your couch. These anti-nausea wristbands are effective against nausea during the pregnancy period. Wear these bands every night before bed; they will help you fall asleep without nighttime sickness — a must-have maternity product for pregnant women.

Beneficial in Traveling: These drug-free travel wristbands can help you or your children reduce nausea so you can enjoy traveling. This acupressure band provides a natural choice for effectively relieving travel sickness, vomiting, and dizziness. The motion sickness bands can be worn before or during the journey.

Washable and Reusable: The anti-nausea bands are reusable and support continuous wear. Plus, they're easily washable and come with a handy box.

How It Works

The nausea relief band is a knitted elasticated wristband with a plastic ball sewn into the inner side of the wristband. The knob exerts pressure and stimulates the Nei-Guan (P6) acupressure point, relieving nausea and vomiting.

How to Use

Wear the anti nausea wristbands on both wrists. Each wristband has a downward-facing ball, meant to be worn on the inner middle side of the wrist, approximately the width of three fingers below the wrist joint (Nei-Guan). Pressing down the buttons on both wrists simultaneously for 1 to 2 minutes will instantly alleviate all nauseous feelings. Immediate Relief! It works as soon as you put it on. It is normal to feel the wristband is tight. The wristband needs to be tight enough to function. It is recommended to wear them on both wrists to be fully effective.


Material: Cotton, elastane
Color: black, white, dark blue, blue, red, gray, purple
Size: 5.5cm x 2.5cm x 1cm / 2.17" x 0.98" x 0.39"
Scope: motion sickness, ship sickness, plane, outdoor travel, pregnancy etc.
Package Contains: 1 x Pair of anti nausea bands

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