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NitHunt Lice Comb Stainless Steel Anti-Lice Nits Comb

NitHunt Lice Comb Stainless Steel Anti-Lice Nits Comb

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NitHunt Lice Comb Stainless Steel Anti-Lice Nits Comb

Evict your unwanted residents with NitHunt Lice Comb!

NitHunt Lice Comb is a uniquely designed and handy louse comb that effectively removes both lice and lice eggs (gnats) without any anti-lice chemical treatments. Most people become lice-free in 3-5 days without chemical lice killing remedies. The comb is made of stainless steel, has anti-slip bands for a better grip, and rounded ends not to cause damage to the head.

How does NitHunt Comb Work?

NitHunt comb has grooved microchannels on each comb tooth. The headlice comb removes both the eggs and the lice. The lice comb cuts through the glue-like secretion with which the lice attach their eggs to the hair. The small eggs are stuck, punctured, destroyed and taken out of the hair with the comb. Hatched lice get stuck in the microchannels or between the comb teeth.


Grooved Microchannels
This nit-free comb has spiral and grooved microchannels on each comb tooth. The innovative design allows you to cut through the gnats' secretion and take the eggs out of the hair. The lice already hatched end up between the comb teeth or the microchannels.

No Hatchable Eggs - No Lice
Comb carefully every day and be lice-free in 3-5 days. In other words, it is much faster to get rid of head lice with this special nits comb than with other combs or lice killer chemicals where you have to wait for the eggs to hatch.

Durable & Rust-Free
The stainless steel comb, welded with laser technology, makes the comb stable and durable. The comb retains its tightness, can be sterilized by boiling and can remain rust-free.

Anti-slip bands for Better Grip

The anti-lice comb has rubber strips on the holding part for a better grip. The comb does not slip even if the hands are wet or sticky from the conditioner or product.

Saves Time and Money
Not only will you save time by using NitHunt Lice Comb, but money too! The price of a NitHunt comb is about 2-3 times less than any chemical lice products. If there are lice in kindergarten or school, it is easy for you to get lice back several times and then it can be really expensive to get rid of them.

Suitable for Allergic People
More and more people are asking for alternatives to chemical lice remedies – they are sticky, smelly, have to sit for a long time and can cause allergic reactions. NitHunt comb is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Lice will Always be the Losers
NitHunt comb does not contribute to resistance among lice. It is environmentally friendly, does not contribute to resistance among lice, and can quickly detect and control head lice.

How to Use the Lice Comb

1. Keep hair dry or lightly wet to reduce static electricity. Use a regular comb or brush to detangle the hair and remove any tangles.

2. Divide the hair into smaller sections and carefully run the NitHunt through each section. Look what comes with it. Start combing as close to the scalp as possible to access the eggs. Areas that have been combed through must be kept separate from those that have not yet been searched.

3. Clean the comb after finishing combing. If you gently pull the comb teeth apart while holding the comb under running water, all lice and gnats will disappear.

4. Repeat the procedure until all lice and eggs are removed.

If you want to use lice killing chemicals or natural preparations, you can use them together with NitHunt comb.


Size: 9.5cm x 6.5cm x 0.5 cm
Teeth Length: 4cm
Weight: 60 g
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Red, green, blue
Package Contains: 1 x NitHunt Head Lice Comb

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